The properties of solid figures have kept mathematicians occupied for centuries. Polyhedra are formed from regular polygons such as squares or triangles and mathematicians have failed to find any more than five of them.

Although they were defined by Pythagoras two hundred years before PLATO was born, they are known collectively as the platonic solids, named in honour of Plato by the geometer Euclid.

the five Platonic solids

“THE PLATONIC SOLIDS – The regular polyhedron is defined as a three-dimensional solid comprising regular polygons for its surfaces – and with all its surfaces, edges and vertices identical. The five regular polyhedra are the tetrahedron (four triangular faces), the cube (six square faces), the octahedron (eight triangular faces), the dodecahedron (twelve pentagonal faces) and the icosahedron (twenty triangular faces).”

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    • Very interesting insight into the 3D structure of these solids.
      Not up-to-speed with creating the appropriate links with WordPress – didn’t ‘re-blog’ because the whole-site content of your material is too great a contrast to my main theme. Readers might want to compare some of your material and the ideas presented to my own posts – as soon as I’ve figured the correct way to link to what is relevant here I’ll add the appropriate buttons.


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